The Wisconsin Heart Health Community of Practice

Wisconsin communities living fully with healthy hearts

About Us

Heart health is a priority for individuals, stakeholders, and organizations across the state. The Wisconsin Heart Health Community of Practice (CoP) is a statewide forum to address heart health through collaboration and synergy among its partner members. This CoP aims to promote best practices, collaborative activities, organizational and professional relationships, and ideas that help to improve the heart health of all Wisconsin residents. Our goal is not only best practice sharing and partner networking, but also the active implementation and continuous improvement of these best practices in Wisconsin healthcare organizations and communities wherever feasible.

Why You Should Join Us

The Wisconsin Heart Health Community of Practice provides its partners an opportunity to network with one another regularly so as to expand the collective awareness of and expertise in best practices that advance heart health in Wisconsin. In addition, this network of partners provides a venue in which to make offers of or requests for support and assistance to one another.